Immuno Complex - 30ct
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Immuno Complex - 30ct

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Entrust the protection of your immune system to Immuno Complex. The only formulation of its kind, Immuno Complex® contains some of the world’s most-researched immune health ingredients, including:  AHCC®, a hybridized medicinal mushroom extract supported by over 30 published clinical studies.

AHCC significantly increases the activity of certain white blood cells, including NK cells, DC cells, T-cells and macrophages.

Immuno Complex contains AP-Bio™ andrographis extract, clinically demonstrated to improve the body’s response to immune challenges, in addition to vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy immunity but frequently deficient in the diet, including highly absorbable forms of vitamin C (PureWay-C®), vitamin D (D3), and zinc (OptiZinc®).

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